Booking your Suffolk Summer Holiday is a great start to 2016.

Published: Tuesday 15th Dec 2015

Written by: Sally Owen.

Did you know that the average adult in the UK consumes around 7,000 calories on Christmas Day?  Is it any wonder that so many people start the New Year with a resolution to be healthier?  In a recent poll conducted by UKGov the top three resolutions were health related (fitness, weight and diet).  Also in the list of personal promises to start the year were spending more time with the family and saving money.

Well here at Suffolk Secrets, we have an idea that will get your 2016 off to a great start and tick a few of those resolution boxes– Book your Suffolk summer cottage holiday nice and early and give yourself something to look forward to.

The health benefits of coastal living are well documented and in years gone by physicians actually used to prescribe visits to the seaside to convalesce and recuperate from illness.  The Victorians were firm believers in the health benefits of spending time at the seaside and their influence is evident in many UK coastal resorts today.  

In today’s modern world, various studies have taken place to see whether there is any truth in this way of thinking?  Is being by the seaside really good for you?  Would booking a summer holiday in Suffolk really contribute towards a healthy new year’s resolution? Well the answer is yes, and we summarise the benefits below;

Improve your Well-Being

Being close to the seaside encourages outdoor activity and, even in the UK being outdoors for just 20-30 minutes a day can improve your well-being.  Vitamin-D comes from the sunshine and helps us to absorb calcium.  Busy lifestyle and lack of time outdoors can lead to lack of vitamin-D, symptoms of which include fatigue, lower immunity, aches and pains, and low mood.

Sleep Better

Who can resist the smell of sea air?  Well, it can actually make you sleep better.  This is thanks to the abundance of negative hydrogen ions in sea spray, which improve our ability to adsorb oxygen. These ions can also influence our levels of the ‘feel-good hormone’ serotonin, and reduce our anxiety levels.  (It’s claimed by Sterimar, a French nasal spray, that sea water also reduces snoring -perfect if you’re on holiday with friends and the cottage walls are a little thin, not that that would happen with Suffolk Secrets properties!)

Better Skin and No More Colds

A bare-foot walk on the beach or a morning building sand castles with the children gives great exposure to one of nature’s best exfoliants – sand.  Give your skin a treat and help it get rid of its old cells and improve its regeneration. If you’re brave enough to take a dip in the invigorating, but let’s face it, rather chilly North Sea there are benefits to be had there too.  Skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema can be calmed with sea water.  It’s also is said to be a good decongestant, so it’s good for hay-fever, colds and sinus infections.

If the reasons above haven’t already tempted you to book your Suffolk Summer Holiday, picture this.  You and the family, relaxing over a long breakfast in a luxury cottage with all your home comforts and more.  Looking out of the window at a beautiful beach, the sun shining, and the children excited and looking forward to a day on the beach.  Doesn’t that sound good for you?  

Give yourself something to look forward to (which is also good for your well-being and motivation), and book your cottage today.  Click here to start your search, our browse through our Suffolk Tourist Guide for more information about this wonderful coastal county.

Sally Owen.
Sally Owen.


Brand Marketing Manager

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