A Day at the Beach

Published: Sunday 20th Jul 2014

Written by: Suffolk Secrets Team

Hitting the beach on your Suffolk Holiday? Whether you are heading out on your own or with the family our handy guide will make sure you stay happy and safe whilst enjoying the Suffolk sun, sea and surf!

Tips For Everyone:Sun safety is an absolute must in the height of summer. A good sunscreen and layered clothing will help you get it right when you are out and about under the bright blue Suffolk skies. A light cotton shirt or scarf will help protect your shoulders from burning, and a good sun hat will help keep a rosy nose and cheeks at bay.

It is so important to keep hydrated when you are spending time on the beach. Whether you are lounging in the sunshine or dipping your toes in the sea, drinking plenty of water is so important to keep you hydrated in the warm sunshine.

The Lone Ranger:If you are rambling along the Suffolk coastline be sure to wear appropriate footwear and layered clothing. A rucksack will be ideal for carrying any layers you may peel off whilst walking, and are a great place to store any refreshments as well as all your other necessities.

Be sure to take a trail mix with you if you are planning on walking along the Suffolk coast. A mixture of fruits and nuts will ensure you keep your energy levels up for an extended period of time. It will keep you going until your next en route pub stop!

Family Fun:Make sure your beach bag has all the essential items inside. Plenty of sunscreen, bottled water, and snacks. Any changes of clothes should ideally be packed separately to keep them sand free. If you are taking young children to the beach Packing extra towels is a really good idea, especially if you intend on having a paddle in the sea. 

If you can take windbreaks or beach tents with you they are a great way to create some much needed shade. Both adults and children will appreciate a shady spot to cool down in after running about on the sunny beach.

The Beach Code:On some of our beaches you will notice that there are flags on display. The different colours of the flags signify important messages about the beach and the water. Whenever you go to the beach you should always be careful around water, and be mindful about the strength of currents when in the sea.

A red flag means danger. The water is not safe to go into and people are discouraged from doing so for their own safety.A red and yellow flag marks the territory where the beach is lifeguarded. Which is ideal for families as it gives parents peace of mind when minding their children on the beach.

A black and white flag means that the water is suitable for watercraft. Surfing and other water equipment are permitted when this flag is flying, but it is not safe for swimmers.

What about Winter safety?In winter Suffolk waves goodbye to the summer tourist season and makes way for those who prefer a quieter break away. You won't find lifeguards patrolling beaches out of the summer season, but the beaches are still alluring to keen visitors!

Make sure you wrap up warm. The coast is quite blustery in autumn and winter, even a spring breeze can leave you feeling quite chilly! Wear appropriate footwear and waterproofs. A good pair of walking boots or wellies will keep your feet nice and dry when you're on a winter beach walk. 

Be sure to check tide times before you start exploring the Suffolk coastline (whatever the time of year!). Getting caught out could leave you trapped by the tide. In winter when you could be the only one on the beach so make sure you stay safe so you can enjoy the beauty of the Suffolk coast and heaths.

Suffolk Secrets Team



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