Added Value in Suffolk

If only time and money were infinite. You’d get to see and do all that Suffolk has to offer, you’d have time to enjoy all of our excellent attractions, and best of all you’d make some fantastic holiday memories!

We’re working on the time machine, but we can help you with the money part…kind of...Here's your exclusive vouchers!

The lovely people at Adnams Brewery, The White Lion, The Crown, The Swan and The White Lion, and even the RSPB have offered a discount for when you venture into Minsmere (we suspect that you will!)

Our partnerships in the local community continue to grow, and as they do we add more and more excellent incentives to the list for you to enjoy.

If you find that you can't fit everything in you could always stay with us again, until we’ve finished our time machine that is, then you can stay with us for as long as you like!