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Cottage Grading

VisitEngland Grading
All of our holiday properties are assessed and graded under the VisitEngland Self-Catering National Quality Assurance Scheme. We believe that an independent quality assessment is the best way for our customers to be able to judge the high quality and standards that we demand of our Suffolk cottage holidays. The NQAS scheme grades properties with one to five stars according to the facilities provided for the visitor. 

To take part in the star rating scheme, each of our properties must first meet a set of minimum requirements to even be considered for a star rating. For more information on VisitEngland's Self-Catering Accommodation Minimum Standards click here.

Self-Catering Accommodation: Star Ratings
Quite simply, the more stars, the higher the overall level of quality you can expect to find. Establishments at higher rating levels also have to meet some additional requirements for facilities. All properties have to meet an extensive list of minimum requirements before they can be considered for a star rating. From there, increased levels of quality apply. For instance, you'll find acceptable quality at two star, good to very good quality at three star and exceptional quality at five star.

Two Star: Good overall level of quality. All units self-contained – 2 bathrooms where there are eight or more guests. 

Three Star: Good to very good level of quality. Good standard of maintenance and decoration. Ample space and good quality furniture. All double beds with access from both sides. Microwaves. 

Four Star: Excellent overall level of quality. Very good care and attention to detail will be obvious throughout. Either access to washing machine and drier, if not provided in the unit, or a 24 hour laundry service. 

Five Star: Exceptional overall level of quality. High levels of décor, fixtures and fittings, together with excellent standards of management efficiency and guest services. Excellent range of accessories and personal touches. 

Gold Award: The Gold Award is awarded to properties which achieve some of the highest percentages in their star ratings, recognising the level of standard.

If you would like to find out more about our Suffolk cottages, please visit our Essential Cottage Information page which outlines what our holiday lets include and details useful information about booking your getaway.