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Pump Street Bakery

Founded in 2010 by Father and Daughter team Chris and Joanna Brennan, Pump Street Bakery can be found in the market square in the quaint town of Orford.

Aromas of freshly baked bread and hand-made chocolate will waft down the street from the 15th Century building as daily efforts are made to supply the tastiest of treats. Next door to the bakery you'll find Pump's cafe. With a communal table, guests can indulge in the specially prepared menus which are designed to complement the bread available, whilst chatting to locals or visitors alike. Don't miss out on their weekend specials such as scrumptious buttermilk pancakes. You can even join a class or tour, which offer activities such as sourdough classes and chocolate room tours. With Pump, you're sure to leave an expert on baking the perfect batch!

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