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Pinney's of Orford

An authentic Suffolk holiday experience isn't complete without a taste of fresh fish straight from the Suffolk coastline. Pinney's of Orford will ensure this need is fulfilled with seafood being freshly caught every day from their own fishing boats and smoked in their own smokehouses.

A family run business, the company began in the 1950's when Richard Pinney had had enough of London and replaced the smog for the clean air of the Suffolk countryside. Pitching up in Orford in a derelict cottage by Butley Creek, he began restoring oyster beds and laying down oysters, despite being told that there was no money in the oyster trade. Not listening to the critiques, Richard Pinney continued with his passion. Being a keen fisherman, he began smoking fish that he had caught in an unused outhouse where he would use whole oak logs. In the mid 60's Richard came up with the idea of opening a restaurant where people could try his products called, 'Butley Orford Oysterage'. Now, the next generations of Pinney's not only have the smokehouses at Butley Creek and Butley Orford Oysterage at Orford Quay but a shop and two commercial fishing boats. Holidaymakers can enjoy the relaxed and informal atmosphere of The Butley Orford Oysterage whilst tucking into its great oysters and smoked delicacies. Tucked away on Orford's market square, the restaurant is ever popular due to its superb quality fresh seafood. The shop at Orford Quay means Pinney's fantastic produce can be taken home. The smokehouse at Butley Creek stocks the shop with smoked trout, mackerel, cod roe, wild and farmed salmon, kippers and eels. The fishing boats supply the shop with daily catches of sole, bass, cod, skate, lobsters and crabs. Not only does the shop supply seafood, but other treats such as pasta sauces, delicious chutneys and much more produce to stock a self-catering holiday home full of wonderful local foods. Holidaymakers can even order all of this wonderfully fresh, local goodness to their doorstep, with Pinney's offering an online shopping service. 

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