Fully Managed Service


We offer a full holiday property management service, available to the majority of our Suffolk properties. If you are in one of our managed services areas, we would be delighted to manage your property and if your property sits outside of this area we can help find you the right team. 

Our managed services team is called Suffolk Cottage Care.  We have people in each office ready to help homeowners and holidaymakers alike, and we offer all the services that you may need for holiday letting in connection with cleaning and maintenance. 

We employ a team of people to help troubleshoot issues from our Suffolk offices and we have two full time on-call field operatives to react to problems. Management of your property is extremely important to us - we don't just hand the issue over to a housekeeper to deal with - we ensure that we are able to deliver the highest standard of property management to you, which in turn ensures a great level of customer service.

Below are a few of the services we can offer in our managed areas; click on each icon for more information.

Please visit the Suffolk Cottage Care Website to find out more.



We can arrange a full housekeeping service for you including laundry. Although all our housekeepers are self employed, we cover any holiday or sickness.


Gardening can be arranged to take place on a regular basis to keep your garden looking smart and fresh.

On Call Service

Suffolk Cottage Care has a dedicated telephone line and on-call service; if customers have a problem during their stay, they will call us rather than calling you.


Our on-call maintenance team can carry out emergency maintenance as well as basic jobs. If a tradesman is required, we can organise this for you and handle the invoice on your behalf.

Welcome Packs

We have a wonderful Suffolk Secrets welcome pack for guests which includes local coffee beans and locally designed notebooks.

Hired Linen Service

We now offer a linen hire service which can be arranged with your housekeeper. If you would prefer your own linen, we can assist you with purchase and delivery.