Hooray for the Staycation! - Great Reasons to Holiday in the UK

Published: Monday 11th Feb 2019

Written by: Chloe Baker

If you’ve always thought about changing things up and embarking on a staycation but never taken the plunge, then look no further than our great reasons to holiday in the UK. With so many benefits from less travel time to having stunning beaches on your doorstep, we think that by the end of this blog, your mind will be made up.

Less Travel Time

When taking a holiday on your home turf, there’s a lot less travel to worry about. Instead of long flights, trips to the airport and trying to keep your belongings down to 15kg, all that’s required is to hop in the car and head to your holiday cottage. There are so many benefits in this, you’ll be able to leave in your own time, pack whatever you need with the only worry being the size of your vehicle, and, the journey will be an adventure in itself. You’ll see the changing landscape as your travel down to Suffolk, accompanied by games of eye spy, songs on the radio and pit stops for refreshments whenever you please. Less travel time means more relaxing time! Often with a holiday abroad, days are lost just getting to your destination, however, with a UK stay, you can travel, unpack, and get to the beach all in one day.

Bring the Dog

Staycations are popular amongst dog owners. Often as important as every other member of the family, a holiday without your four-legged companions might just not feel right. Staying in the UK means that the dog can join in with the fun, and Suffolk certainly loves dogs. Not only does many of Suffolk’s shops, cafes and pubs welcome dogs, but lots of Suffolk Secrets holiday cottages do too!

Guaranteed Yummy Food

Although food abroad can often be exciting and delicious, there is always the risk that our bodies may not agree with it. Holidaying in the UK means you’ll have a wonderful selection of delicious foods to choose from, along with the security that you’re not going to get a bad belly! With many regions offering specialities, in Suffolk, you’ll find amazing fish and chips, line caught, local seafood and locally made products from jams to ice cream to chocolate. Staying in a self-catering cottage also means that if you wish to cook for yourselves, the option is there, and Suffolk Secret’s holiday cottages all have the certainty of fully equipped kitchens.

Outstanding Beaches

If you’re considering a holiday outside of the UK, one of the main reasons may be in search of beautiful beaches. Forget the black sands of Tenerife and the white sands of Jamaica, Suffolk has no end of golden stretches. From the iconic coast of Aldeburgh to the bright lights of Lowestoft, Suffolk’s beaches offer spots which would give many other beaches a run for their money. Sunbathe, surf, and build sandcastles to your heart's content, Suffolk’s beaches are there for fantastic days out.  


It’s often said that England is a rainy place, but that’s not true for Suffolk. Officially the driest county in the UK, Suffolk has seen stunning summers, and last year the county saw highs of up to thirty! If you’re more of a winter lover, then fret not, Suffolk is a fantastic destination all year round, and winter walks with cosy pubs at the end of them is the perfect day out for many.

Beautiful Holiday Cottages

Let's not forget one of the most important parts of any holiday, the accommodation. Suffolk Secrets offer a selection of over 600, quality assessed holiday cottages across the county and along the coast. Not only will your property be guaranteed to be of high quality, but you’ll have your own space to relax in. This can include a garden, games room and a private swimming pool. Alongside this, unlike hotels, you can have a pick of what sort of property suits you and who you will be going on holiday with. From shepherds huts to manor houses, we’re sure that you’ll find something perfectly suited to you in the Suffolk Secret’s portfolio. 

Chloe Baker
Chloe Baker


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