You're a Better You When You're by the Sea

Published: Monday 11th Jun 2018

Written by: Chloe Baker.

Here in Suffolk, we’re lucky enough to be spoilt with a glorious coastline. The many beaches range from shingle shores to golden sands and are enjoyed by walkers, surfers, relaxers and people from all walks of life. Being by the sea comes with its health benefits, healing the mind, body and soul. You really are a better you when you’re by the sea…


Being close to the sea puts you in a true state of relaxation. Humans associate the seaside with holidays, days out and generally having a good time, so it’s no surprise that when you see the golden sands and rolling tide your brain says ‘chill’ and your body says ‘aaaahh’. The fresh air along the coast is charged with negative ions that allow the body to more easily absorb oxygen. The result is that serotonin levels are more equalized, meaning that scientifically, you’re happier! Being close to the sea is also said to help with a better night’s sleep. The sea air is cleaner, fresher, and of course, the coastline is quieter than the hustle and bustle of a city. A good night’s sleep is the ultimate state of relaxation. (It also helps that many of the Suffolk Secrets cottages have very comfy beds).

Physical Health

When you’re by the sea it’s said that you’re more likely to do exercise. The sea itself is a giant swimming pool with the added bonus of no chlorine and of course, there are no pesky entrance fees. The most liberating form of exercise if we do say so ourselves. Sea salt is also one of the planets most natural anti bacterias and helps to heal cuts, sores, eczema, and acne.

Suffolk is also host to many exciting activities such as surfing, kayaking, bike riding and sailing. Southwold Surf School offers a variety of surf lessons, perfect for beginners or previous surfers that need a little polishing. There are many bike trails which are fantastic ways to explore the countryside, and let’s face it when exercise is fun it doesn’t feel like exercise at all! A trip away means you’re also more like to explore, which encourages lots of walking and just generally getting outside. With more exercise, you’re a lot more likely to get a great nights sleep and burn off those holiday glasses of wine.

The Food

Now we may be biased, but we believe that the food on offer here in Suffolk is second to none, with so many local suppliers offering the freshest of fish, yummiest of produce and delectable treats. Being by the sea it’s no surprise that the seafood in Suffolk is top notch, and can be enjoyed in the form of the many fish and chip shops, restaurants, and famous fishing huts. Suffolk is also famous for its agriculture. The flat landscape and fertile soils mean that it’s the perfect place for growing crops and rearing livestock. Much of this is sold in the bakeries, butchers and delis, we recommend stocking up and taking the goodness home with you. There are so many benefits to eating well, your energy levels are sky high, you feel healthier and stronger, your immune system is better off and of course, high-quality food reduces the risk of illness. Suffolk has an amazing array of restaurants offering all kinds of cuisine. Throughout the county, you’ll find traditional English pubs, exciting Indians, American diners and cosy cafes. We’re absolutely certain you won’t go hungry.

Suffolk Secrets have a hand-picked selection of cottages, none of which are far from the sea. Many of our properties have sea views and many are just a short stroll away from the nearest beach. To discover our properties with sea views, take a look at our Cottage with Sea Views page. 

Chloe Baker.
Chloe Baker.


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