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It's Time to Review your Property Information Folder

Written by Leah Smith on

Your property information folder is key to ensuring a customer’s holiday starts off on the right foot. You will have been asked to produce a Property Information Folder (PIF) when your property was first recruited. For some of you, this may have been a long time ago! So we’re asking you, when was the last time you reviewed your information folder?

January is the perfect month to review your current Property Information Folder and ensure it contains helpful and relevant information to your holiday home. We suggest your Property Information Folder should be reviewed regularly and it’s a good idea to save a copy of it on your computer and share it with us too so we have one for our records.

In this blog, we’ve put together some helpful tips and advice on what yours should include and how to make it as clear as possible for guests.

P = Personal

I = Informative

F = Favourites

Welcome Note

We think a personal note from you as the owner is a lovely first impression and a great start to introducing the guest to your property.

Visitor Book
Encourage your guests to leave a review of their stay in your visitor book. We can also use these as website reviews on your property page.

Property Specific Information

The main reason for having a Property Information Folder is so guests are acquainted with your property and understand the basic functions of items around the house. We’ve included the points below which should help you in what to include:

Heating/Hot Water Instructions
Clear and concise instructions on your property’s heating and hot water system is crucial. We recommend breaking this down into two sections – winter and summer seasons as the property’s settings will no doubt be different in these two seasons. You should detail what the property will be set to and how guests can adjust these settings.



The heating is set to come on in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evening until 11.00pm. If you need the heating on all day, the boiler controls are in the Utility Room above the tumble dryer. The right hand column on the panel is for heating and the left hand panel is for hot water. Press the button at the bottom to adjust:

ONCE: will turn it on in the morning and off at 11.00pm
AUTO: should run the heating according to the timed programme.
CONT: puts the heating on continuously ie. 24 hours a day.
OFF: turns the heating off.

Bin Collection
If your property’s waste bins are collected by your local council you should include the collection day. If you rely on guests to put them out for you, include when they need to go out and where they need to positioned.

Detail information on your hub name and passcode or point guests in the direction of where the hub is located and where the information is displayed for accessing the Wi-Fi.

Woodburner/Open Fire
If your property has either a woodburner or open fire you should leave details on how to use them and what guests should use to get the fire working ie kindling, logs etc as well as safety information.

Fuse Box
Particularly important when electrics trip - guests should be told the location of the fuse box for your property and perhaps where they can find a torch!

Spare Light Bulbs
Detail where the spare light bulbs are kept in the property.

Televisions/DVD Players
There are many different types of televisions and DVD players out there so detailing the operation of the television and DVD player particularly if there are multiple handsets is a good thing to include.

A quick summary of basic operations of household appliances such as microwave, dishwasher and washing machine and include the appliance manuals wherever possible.

Children’s Equipment
If you provide any children’s equipment such as travel cot, highchair or portable stairgate, detail where these items are kept.

Favourites and Recommendations

If we manage your property, you will have a Suffolk Secrets branded welcome folder for your guests which contains local information such as emergency telephone numbers, places to visit and things to do. We also suggest that in your own folder you include some of your favourite days out as well as restaurant recommendations.

If you need any assistance with reviewing your current property information folder, just speak to your allocated property point of contact who can assist further.

Leah Smith

Written by

Recruitment & Marketing Assistant  Suffolk Secrets - The Finest Choice of Holiday Cottages