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New Homeowner Area

Written by Amy Roberts on

Homeowner Area

Have you registered for our new Homeowner Area?

If you are a Suffolk Secrets homeowner you now have access to our brand new Homeowner Area. Before you get started, you will need to register and set your password – make sure you don’t forget it! Once you have registered you have access to a wealth of information from details about your property to the Homeowner Benefits you qualify for. You can view previous statements, read the homeowner newsletters, make owner bookings and view future booking details.

Five Areas to Investigate:

1. VisitEngland

As Suffolk’s leading VisitEngland accredited holiday letting agency we are passionate about their values and desire to boost England’s tourism industry. We strongly believe star ratings are a great way to assure customers of the quality of the properties in our portfolio and assure homeowners that their property is being fairly represented. This section of the Homeowner Area lets you know more about what to expect when your property has its inspection and what the assessor will be looking at.

2. Ten Top Tips

Our top tips on how to maximise on the potential of your property is a great tool at any stage of letting. Even if you have been letting for years, keeping your property looking clean and welcoming is really important as first impressions are key and will ultimately contribute to repeat bookings.

3. The Original Cottage Company

Learn more about our family and the benefits of being part of the largest independently owned holiday letting agency in the UK, based in Reepham in Norfolk. Discover the people who work behind the scenes to ensure our website runs smoothly and is visible in search engine results which in turn will boost your property views.

4. Sales and Marketing

Find out how we market your property both online and in print media. We have a dedicated Brand and Marketing team at Suffolk Secrets who manage our social media, blogs, marketing campaigns and direct emails with backup support from a central team at The Original Cottage Company.

5. Book your property

As before you can book your property online without having to contact the office directly; all it takes is 4 easy steps!

  1. Choose your start date by clicking on the relevant date on the calendar;
  2. Select the number of nights you wish to stay;
  3. Use the drop down to select your reason for booking the property;
  4. Let us know any particulars about the booking; this can be anything from notes for the housekeepers or to let us know you are redecorating.

Time to discover and explore!

Amy Roberts

Written by

Property Recruiter
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