Flippin' Fun on Pancake Day!

Published: Friday 15th Jan 2016

When I opened my fridge last night and all that were staring back at me were eggs and milk, it got me thinking – when is Pancake Day this year?

Shove Tuesday, as it’s known, is a religious festival which takes place on the Tuesday before Lent (or Ash Wednesday). This year Pancake Day will be on Tuesday 9th February.

We just love making pancakes on Pancake Day – there are so many different toppings to be tasted! Variations include chocolate, syrup, banana and blueberry, but my all-time favourite has to be the traditional sugar and lemon juice combo.

It’s not just the indulging that is fun for all the family; it’s of course having a go at tossing your pancakes in the frying pan!

Did you know that the largest number of pancakes tossed in the shortest amount of time is 349 tosses in two minutes, which was achieved by Dean Gould at Felixstowe in 1995?

Who would have thought Suffolk held a Pancake Day record!