Walking in Reydon Woods

Published: Thursday 14th May 2015

Over the weekend we had friends over for dinner who told us how beautiful Reydon Woods is looking with its gorgeous spread of bluebells. Having grown up in Reydon I think I have taken this ancient woodland for granted so the following day we decided to put Obie in the car, get our wellies on and familiarise ourselves with the trail.

When we arrived we could see there were many families and groups of walkers getting their walking boots on as well as a few local faces. The scenic walk is approximately one mile. The sea of bluebells was spectacular as well as the variety of birds we spotted before they caught a glance at Obie and flew away! After our walk we went back to the house for a cup of tea and a piece of cake, of course!

Advice on visiting Reydon Woods

  • Pack your wellies! Especially if the weather has been a little damp.
  • If you’re taking a dog you must keep them on a lead (please note Obie was only let off the lead for a few photographs!) and please make sure you clean up after them.
  • Reydon Woods is particularly busy on weekends during Spring. If you wish to visit when there are not so many other visitors try early morning on Monday.
  • If you’re bringing young children show them the trail map and see if they can spot any of the birds and flowers mentioned in the information (we saw quite a few!).

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