How to Pack a Car

Published: Tuesday 20th May 2014

Written by: Suffolk Secrets Team

When packing for your Suffolk holiday you’ll probably know precisely what you will be bringing along with you. You’ll manage to fit it all into a suitcase or two, and then you’ll start to think about those little extras like beach towels, bikes, wellies... the list goes on… When it comes to the day of travelling to Suffolk many people find it a bit of a challenge to get everything in to one car, especially if there are children and even pets to squeeze in! We have come up with some tips and tricks on making the most out of the space in your car. Hopefully they will take the stress out of packing your car for your Suffolk holiday. All you’ll need to do is load up and start driving!

The boot:Always try to distribute the weight as evenly as you can in your boot. We recommend starting with your suitcases. You won’t need these until you reach your destination, and they are built to protect whatever is in them so it won’t matter if they get buried under your other items. From here you can slot in any loose items around the cases, like beach towels, and wellies. There should be some little nooks around the cases which are perfect for fitting in those random items which didn’t go in to your case.

Anything else you want to pack should then be placed in to canvas bags. The kind you can get from your local supermarket are ideal due to their box like shape. These bags can stand on top of your suitcases and will fit flush together when side by side. They also allow your parcel shelf to lower on to them as they are made from a flexible and durable material.

Anything you may need immediately at your destination should be placed within easy access. Toiletries, refreshments, fresh clothing, wine, whatever you think you’ll need first! A little clever packing like this will make it much easier to find essential items when you arrive at your Suffolk cottage. 

The back of the car:Pack a cool bag with any snacks and drinks you may want on your journey to Suffolk. It is always more cost effective to take your own things with you for your trip, and often much tastier! The cool bag can be placed on the back seats or in one of the foot wells for easy access whilst travelling.

Canvas tote bags or any other bags where the handle will slip over the head-rest of the passenger seat is perfect for use as either a place for litter or for any essential items you may need in the car with you. If you are travelling with children you may want to pop some colouring books and crayons, games, toys or any portable devices in these. It also keeps valuables out of site if you stop at services on your journey.

It’s always a good idea to take a good old fashioned car map with you too. GPS devices are superb, but there is always that teeny chance that you may need to just look at a map for extra guidance.

Hopefully you will find some of this advice useful for planning your trip to Suffolk. Once you have arrived at your lovely Suffolk cottage you’ll want to start enjoying your holiday right away. Having a neatly packed car will ensure that you can unload your car easily and efficiently allowing you to unwind straight away!

Suffolk Secrets Team



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