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Top 5 Fish & Chip Shops

Written by Andrew Woodhouse on

Nothing says a cottage holiday in Suffolk like a hot bag of chippy chips. After much munching, chomping and masticating, we have hand-picked our top 5.

Our criteria - better batter, good cod, mushy peas and controversially Cream Soda

The Codfather, Sudbury, Suffolk
Simply rated as ‘The Best’ by one enthusiastic fellow. This excellent fish and chip restaurant serves the people of the beautiful market town of Sudbury with the finest cod and the most golden of chips. Also a real plus is the fact that it provides gluten free fish and chips but best to phone to check when they have this on the menu. A must if you are staying in nearby Lavenham.

Aldeburgh Fish and Chip Shop & The Golden Galleon, Aldeburgh, Suffolk
Ok, so strictly this is two for the price of one but these world famous restaurants are owned and operated by the same family so we are listing them just once! Locals and tourists queue around the block to get their hands on some of the chips produced here. Some people swear allegiance to The Galleon over the original chip shop but we say go to the one with the shortest line.

West End Fish & Chips, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk
You’ll need a crane to carry you home because the portions here are generous! More hot potatoes than a juggling politician, the West End Chippy will delight all that stay in Bury St Edmunds with its friendly owner and beautifully cooked Cod.

Halesworth Fish and Chips, Halesworth, Suffolk 
Perhaps you’re holidaying in Southwold or nearby and fancy a trip to Halesworth. This friendly, family owned chippy is run by David and Sarah and their daughter Katie. On the first Saturday of the month they fry gluten free.

Southwold Pier, Southwold, Suffolk
Perhaps we are biased because we can virtually see the chips being served from the top of our office in The Old Water Tower, Southwold, but we think a box of chips from Southwold Pier and a light spray of sea foam come together to make a perfect eating experience! 

However, judging by the mile-long queues down by Southwold harbour, we reckon that Mrs T’s serves up the tastiest serving of “addock n chips” in our beloved, seaside town!

We hope you enjoy the best of Suffolk’s fish & chips shops when you stay with us.

Sampled, enjoyed, but not reviewed - curry sauce, gravy and wooden forks.

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