Beautiful Bury St Edmunds

Published: Friday 14th Feb 2014

Written by: Suffolk Secrets Team

If you are staying in a Suffolk Cottage with Suffolk Secrets this year why not venture to Bury St Edmunds to explore this great example of a picturesque market town.

The town centre is a medieval grid with many lanes and streets to explore. The town plays host to a huge number of individual shops and a helpful smattering of larger chain shops which should present even the keenest shopper with a pleasant challenge!

Bury St Edmunds also has the world renowned Abbey Gardens situated within the walls of the ruined Abbey. It is rumoured that the whole town is built on a series of connected passageways that the Monks would use as means of travel throughout the town. Today it is thought that the shops located in the grid could be knocked together to recreate these passageways.

The Abbey Gardens are absolutely beautiful with sensory gardens, rolling grass hills and manicured lawns and beds. There is also a large aviary, putting, bowls and a newly installed Children’s activity area that encourages play and creation with water and sand.

St Edmundsbury Cathedral in the gardens had a new tower placed on its top as part of a Millennium Project and Prince Charles even helped to lay one of the stones. Traditional building techniques were used to create this magnificent structure and now it looks like it has always been there!

For those who want to take a meal off from being completely self catering, try a visit to Benson Blakes Bar & Grill, it is well worth a visit. They recently won an award for Burger of the Year and have a huge choice of carefully prepared, locally sourced, delicious dishes. Oh, and they make a mean cocktail too!

When it’s time to return to your Suffolk cottage pop into the Deli Gastrono-Me where you will find a fantastic choice of breads, cakes, pastries and pies which are all served by their passionate staff. The only problem with delicious pastries is their tendency to get eaten. A top tip is to buy one for the car and two for the cottage!

Suffolk Secrets Team



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