Southwold & Sons - History of Town's Enterprises

Published: Wednesday 22nd Jan 2014

The history of Southwold’s high street buildings has been catalogued in a new website by local Southwold historians.

The “Southwold and Sons” website, created by Barry Tolfree and Ronnie Waters, offers a comprehensive record of many former tradespeople, shops and the people who have historically lived in Southwold.

When Ronnie Waters retired, he decided to devote his time to documenting the history of all of Southwold’s businesses, trades and shops, as he has always been fascinated by local history. Through hours of research and dedication, the Southwold and Sons website was born.

Visitors can now search for many entries on the history of Southwold’s enterprises.  For example, the website informs that during 1874, Mr Eaton Womack Moore - Post and Telegraph Master, occupied no 1-3 East Street (corner of Marketplace). Today, this site is occupied by luxury boutique Collen and Clare.

The new website also documents information about the historical occupants of no 36 High Street - which is now a self-catering cottage called Montague House.