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Westleton Heath Red Deer Rut

Westleton Heath in Suffolk is one of the best places to witness the amazing red deer rut each October, where majestic red stags bellow and clash horns in a fierce mating battle.

The rutting season usually occurs between early October and mid November and RSPB Minsmere near Dunwich are offering wildlife enthusiasts an opportunity to join a 4x4 deer safari to view this fascinating spectacle. 

Led by an expert guide, the RSPB Minsmere deer safaris are offered three times a day throughout October and will offer an educational opportunity to learn about the significance of rutting season and to search for one of the largest red deer herds in Britain.

RSPB Minsmere are also organising a red deer rut viewpoint event at Westleton Heath on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th October 2013. This is a free event and visitors can park at Westleton Heath at the Natural England car park then walk approximately half a mile to the viewpoint. 

Red deer often form large harems and during rutting season, male stags invest much of their energy in fighting and competing with other stags to mate with their chose female hinds.  Aggressive stags pumped full of testosterone can be seen engaging in violent battle, clashing and locking their horns and roaring loudly.

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